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Mitu Monteiro Hangs Out with the Sharks

The guys at Iksurfmag went on a cool trip to Punta San Carlos, Baja California a few days ago. They visited the SoloSports setup there and headed to Waddell Creek for some nice kitesurfing action. There they met up with Bruce Johnson and Vincent Nicholas from F-One USA and headed straight to the water in some solid 25 knots.

Wave master Mitu Monteiro was there too and he seemed concerned about sharks. Fair concern if we take into consideration that Bruce and Vincent spotted a big white shark whilst they were on the water. Shark or no shark, Mitu charged the cold waters, enjoying the waves. As usual, he did it with style.

The guys at Iksurfmag took some cool photos, which you can check out below, but soon ditched the camera, launched the kites and started riding, as the small but punchy waves started to build in the afternoon.

The waves at Waddell are a beautiful and challenging playground and make this spot one of Cali’s most famous watersports locations. And we bet the guys at Iksurfmag enjoyed a beautiful adventure there. They will share it with us in their next issues. Until then, you can check out the story in pics in the related photos section below.