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Mondial du Vent 2012: And the Winners Are...

The double elimination that was cut short on day 3 due to light wind and could not be completed on day 4 because the conditions were not favorable, has been completed on day 5, the final day of competition. This means that the winners of the 2nd event on the 2012 PKRA World Tour, Mondial du Vent 2012, have been decided. It is with great pleasure that I present the list of results.

Mondial du Vent 2012 – Results Men

  • Alex Pastor
  • Alberto Rondina
  • Youri Zoon

Mondial du Vent 2012 – Results Women

  • Gisela Pulido
  • Karolina Winkowska
  • Bruna Kajiya

Alberto Rondina, who came in 2nd in the singles, said he is stoked to keep 2nd. And Youri Zoon, who lost in the singles and had to fight his way up the ladder in the doubles, also said he was stoked with the result. But the one to be stoked most of all is the event’s winner, Alex Pastor.

“So Stoked on keeping my 2nd place at PKRA World Tourorld Tour in Leucate!” said Alberto Rondina.
“That’s it for France, pretty stoked in the result still! 3rd Place after my los in the singles I had to fight my way up again, had some hard heats and close as well. But I managed to come from 17th to a 3rd place again and be on the podium again!” said Youri Zoon.
“1st place @ PKRA World Tour Leucate. Had a good heat today and really overpowered! So stoked!! That puts me in 1st place in the 2012 ranking!” said Alex Pastor.

Day 5 may have been the final day of the Mondial du Vent 2012 competition, but that doesn’t mean the kiteboarding action is over. A special Big Air Freestyle event with a prize purse of $2,000 ($1,500 for the men, $500 for the women) is scheduled for day 6. Also on day 6, the awards ceremony will tale place.