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The Most Gangsta Kite Movie

The guys at Pro Kite Brasil, one of the most respected kitesurfing schools in the world, were recently visited by a bunch of friends and elite riders for some fun and action packed sessions. Pro Kite Brasil is located in Uruau, a place with perfect steady winds and excellent flat waters.

We must say that the visitors were no ordinary riders. Alex Maes, Stefan Spiessberger, Oswald Smith, Laci Kobulsky, Val Garat, Victor Hays, Paul Serin, Marc Toth, Mario Rodwald and other awesome athletes descended upon Pro Kite to showcase their skills.

And they unleashed their full potential there. Their adventure was captured in an awesome clip, entitled ‘The Most Gangsta Kite Movie’. And there’s no time for jokes in this video with full-on gangsta kite action. Check it all out below and enjoy!