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The Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer of 2011 In Action

Out of all the ten kitesurfers to be nominated by InMotion Kitesurfing, only one of them won the Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer of 2011 award. If you followed the competition, or if you visit Epikoo regularly, you already know that the winner is Kari Schibevaag from Stavanger, Norway. She is InMotion Kitesurfing’s Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer of 2011.

If you would like to learn more about Kari, you can check out this webpage on InMotion Kitesurfing’s site and Kari’s official site here; you can also stay in touch with her via Facebook. If you would like to see here in action instead, you don’t have to go anywhere – just click the thumbnail in the related videos section below and you can view Kari having fun on the water.

Before you go check out the video, here are a few details about it. It is called “Home Sweet Home”, it is close to 5 minutes, long, and it presents Kari riding at her home spot in Sele, Norway. Kari said that Norway is her favorite place and that this winter is was amazing for waveriding.

The kite Kari is using in the video is the Ozone Reo. She called it “an amazing kite fore waves.”

With all that said, I invite you to click the thumbnail below and see Kari and the Ozone Reo in action. Enjoy!