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Mowgli’s Jungle: The Teaser

Mowgli’s Jungle is a new kiteboarding series that follows the adventures of Christophe Tack during this winter. The series was shot in Cape Town and it’s packed with action and fun moments. We all know that Christophe is a very skilled and talented riders so we can imagine that each episode of the series will be awesome.

As you probably know, Christophe is the 4X Belgian Leader and the current leader on the PKRA World Tour. He is on the kiteboarding scene for nearly ten years and has competed in major events so far, claiming important titles. He is a sensational freestyler and he is sponsored by Liquid Force and Mystic.

When the Belgian is not competing, he seeks the best kitesurfign spots to unleash his skills. Just like in the “Mowgli’s Jungle” series. Check out the trailer below to see what’s coming.