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Mystic Intros the 2016 Kiteboarding Collection

The guys at Mystic are proud to present their 2016 kiteboarding gear collection. Their design team has worked hard to craft tip quality equipment that will boost your performance out on the water. From harnesses, boots and vests, to boardshorts, bikinis, bags and other accessories, the 2016 Mystic gear is defined by refinement and performance.

A quick word from their team: “It is with pure excitement and great enthusiasm that we present to you the new Mystic collection for 2016. The search for improvements continues more than ever before and without exaggerating, we are taking it another step forward and breaking boundaries.”

You can check out their 2016 kiteboarding collection promo in the clip below. The clip is shot in Tahiti and features Marc Jacobs, Bruna Kajiya, Jalou Langeree and more.