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Mystic Launches the KRS Spreader Bar

The new Mystic KRS spreader bar was born from the idea that the kite release system should be standardized for the safety of kitesurfing. And the guys at Mystic really introduce a new development in the field of safety with the launch of this spreader bar system

This new and innovative spreader bar system is attached to the left side of your harness, a location that is always within easy reach. With just a simple pull on the release handle, the hook comes loose from your spreader bar. The hook can be installed back with a simple and easy 3 clicks move.

As the guys at Mystic say, this is the ultimate product for kiters who are concerned about safety, but also suitable for beginners in the kite sport. And indeed Mystic adds extra safety to the ride with this new piece of gear and makes kiteboarding accessible to a more and more people.

You can see the Mystic KRS Spreader Bar at work in the video below.