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Mystic Presents the Majestic Harness

Mystic is proud to present real water sports athletes with the new Majestic Harness, the first ever multi-use harness designed to turn the windsurfing and kiteboarding experience into something unique. The new harness is part of the 2013 equipment collection and provides the rider with exceptional comfort and performance.

Here are a few features of the Mystic Majestic Harness:
- 3D-Thermo moulded foam interior and exterior
- Soft neoprene edges
- Covered side parts
- Spreader down system
- Battle belt waist closure
- Memory foam back panel
- 60 degrees pre-shaped support
- Multi Clickerbar 3.0 / Low Torque fixation

You can check out the presentation of this top quality windsurfing and kiteboarding harness in the related videos section below.