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Naish Kiteboarding TV Episode 9 Presents the 2013 Collection

So far, via Naish Kiteboarding TV season 2, we’ve been on tour with Kevin Langeree, we’ve seen Jesse Richman get kidnapped and thrown out of an airplane, and we’ve even tripped back in time with Florian Daubos. With the latest episode, episode 9, we get to take a look at Naish’s collection for 2013.

Naish Kiteboarding TV S02 E09 “Welcome to 2013” has just been released by Naish. Starring Jalou Langeree, Sam Light, Rick Jensen, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, and Kai Lenny, the episode presents Naish’s harness, kite, and kiteboard collection for 2013.

You can view the video right here on Epikoo by clicking the image in the related videos section below. Enjoy!