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Naish Kiteboarding TV Season 2 Is Coming

Last year, from March until October, kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Naish released a total of 22 stunning videos as part of the Naish Kiteboarding TV series. I’ve put all 22 episodes in the related videos section below, so if you did not get the chance to see them, you can do so now.

The news is that Naish decided to bring back the series for 2012. And to tease us, Naish has release a trailer for Naish Kiteboarding TV 2.0 series. The trailer is the first video in the related videos list below.

“Season 1 of Naish Kiteboarding TV left us all frothing, so we're doing it again,” said the kiteboarding equipment manufacturer. “The groundwork is laid and now it's time to step it up. The Team has been working all winter with the best filmmakers, seasoning the finest spots around the world.”

The first episode of Naish Kiteboarding TV 2.0 series will be released on the 20th of March.