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Naish Releases Video Presentation for the Fly Kite

Earlier this month we were reporting that Naish Kiteboarding unveiled the Fly, a kite meant to be used in light to marginal wind conditions. As Naish explained, the Fly provides the power you would expect from an 18m kite and the turning you would want to get from a 12m kite.

Today we are very glad to announce that a video presentation of the Fly kite has been released by Naish. You can check it out right here on Epikoo, by clicking the image in the related videos section below. Enjoy!

The Fly, a swept C-shape two-strut kite based on the Park platform, is quite lightweight – something that’s a must for a kite meant to be used in light wind conditions. Naish made the Fly incredibly light by removing the center strut. With one less strut, the center section of the canopy acts like a spinnaker, generating a lot of power in light wind conditions. Speaking about power, Naish explained that the Fly has the highest power to weight ratio out of all the kites on the market.

Kite designer Damien Girardin had the following to say when asked why he came up with the Fly:
“The Fly idea came from the idea that riding in light wind should be fun. To me, just because the wind is light, you shouldn't necessarily have to use a kite designed for racing - that is slow turning, heavy and not fun to ride.”

For more information on the Fly kite visit Naish’s official webpage by clicking here.