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Naish Shift System - Industry leading 5-line system for the Torch

The Shift System returns with world champion performance and seamless functionality. The Shift System is renowned for having complete control over the leading-edge arc for hooked-in and unhooked C-kite riding. The 5th-line design offers immediate relaunch capabilities for use in competition and extreme light winds.

The Shift System focuses on simplicity and cleanliness. Rider input led to above-the-bar trim adjustment. The trim line is a single PU-coated line that is ultra-durable and minimizes excess bulk in the middle of the bar.

The 13m front lines, coupled with the unidirectional 5-line design was developed with the legendary Torch in mind. For 2012, the Shift System clearly maintains its status as the world’s leading 5-line control system.


  • Auto-orientation Smart Loop

  • Single PU-coated trim line

  • Above-the-bar front line trim adjustment

  • Through-the-bar leash

  • Wide leash with “low force” quick release

  • Internal back line trimming

  • Ultra-soft Powerflex bar ends

  • High texture embossed grip

  • Vario bar end adjustment 18”-20” (45-51cm)

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