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NASI 2011: Results, Videos

The North American Sailing Invitational (NASI) 2011 event that took place at Martha's Vineyard, MA, and pt American against French Riders, has come to an end. In all a grand total of 12 races were completed as part of the NASI 2011 competition. This means that there was racing just about every day.

The list of results for the North American Sailing Invitational (NASI) 2011 is as follows:

  • 1st - Rob Douglas (best speed 50.98 knots)
  • 2nd - Alex Caizergues
  • 3rd - Jamie Douglas
  • 4th - Sylvain Hoceini
  • 5th - Seb Selarno
  • 6th - Patrice Menossi
  • 7th - Christophe Prin-Guenon
  • 8th - Jerome Bila
  • 9th - Morgan Douglas
  • 10th - Charlotte Consorti
  • 11th - Bill Lynch

Click the thumbnails in the related videos section below to view the 5 NASI 2011 episodes that have been released to the web.