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Never Give up Your Dreams

Pena – Never Give up Your Dreams is an inspiring and emotional video that follows Brazilian professional kitesurfer Gustavo Foerster and his wife’s Gisa de Paula quest for happiness. Both of them are dedicated riders and share the same burning passion for the ocean. That decided to everything they owned back in Brazil and embark on an epic journey to Hawaii to do what they love the most and pursue their happiness. This is a step that many would not dare take as it takes lots of determination and courage, but the two of them were ready for it.

Together they plunged into a sea of self-discovery and now are on a mission to share their experience and encourage others to do the same, to never give up their dreams. They share the experience of giving up on everything and taking a leap towards making their dreams come true in the video below. The journey to happiness is tough, but rewarding, so we must believe the two of them that we never have to give up our dreams.

The clip is in Portuguese, but don’t worry, because you’ll understand the idea it wants to convey.