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New Records Set at the 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge

Luderitz, Namibia has become the scene of the Luderitz Speed Challenge these days, one of the toughest and most exciting windsurfing and kiteboarding events in the world. If you love speed, you don’t want to miss this event.

You must know that the Luderitz speed strip has been upgraded this year, to provide the fastest sailors in the world with a perfect venue to display their skills. Windsurfers and kiteboarders are battling for the fastest speed sailing record and they are doing an awesome job.

This year’s event started in 20 knots wind speed. Although it is not much for the speed pros, some personal and national records have already been shattered and new ones set. It seems like everybody fights hard for the fastest sailor in the world title.

The 500-meter record is currently held by Paul Larsen, who sailed the Vestas Sailrocket 2 at 65.45 knots in Walvis Bay, Namibia on the 24th of November, 2012. We just have to wait and see if his record will be broken this year.

So far, the Luderitz Speed Challenge marks look like this:

Sebastien Cattelan: 55.35 knots (French National Record)
Taro Niehaus: 53.01 knots (South African Record)
Ole Kjaer: 50.43 knots (Danish National Record)
Marc Antoine Martin: 49.33 knots (France)
Anthony Chaffron: 45.04 kts (France)
Roger Ornvang: 41 knots (Swedish National Record)
Laurent Heiligenstein: 40.39 knots (France)

Gautier Bourgeois: 47.32 knots (France)
Tony Wynhoven: 47.23 knots (Australian National Record)
Remo Diethelm: 47 knots (Swiss National Record)
Alex Goncharov: 46.73 knots (Ukrainian National Record)
Boris Vujasinovic: 46.53 knots (Croatian National Record)
Markus Emanuelson: 46.35 knots (Sweden)
Christophe Richaud: 46.29 knots (France)
Marcus Richardson: 46.25 knots (Sweden)
Jacques Kint: 46.24 knots (Australia)
Minos Efstathiadis: 46.18 knots (Greece)
Francesco d'Urso: 46.09 knots (Italy)
Will Trossell: 45.7 knots (England)
Alain de Gendt: 45.7 knots (Belgium National Record)
Dieter Gerichhausen: 45.51 knots (Germany)
Christian Bornemann: 45.25 knots (Germany)
Alain Montauzou: 44.63 knots (France)
Denis Vladimirov: 44.61 knots (Russia)
Andrew Daff: 44.5 knots (Australia)
Raffaello Gardelli: 43.30 knots (Sweden)
Ben Vanderick: 42.64 knots (Belgium)
Marc Kappes: 42.62 kts (Germany)
Gildas Bechet: 39.72 knots (France)
Alberto Possati: 39.03 knots (Italy)
Henrick Schill: 35.42 knots (Sweden)
Kiteboarders ahave the lead so far, but we just have to wait and see how it all turns out.