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New World Record Broken by Sir Richard Branson

Eccentric millionaire and kitesurfing passionate rider Sir Richard Branson introduced the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada a while ago. Well, this awesome kitesurfing event supporting Virgin Unite, youth charity Snow-Camp and the RNLI, took place this September and was a huge success.

In fact, Sir Richard Branson and The Virgin Kitesurf Armada of 318 kitesurfers broke the World Record for the largest number of kitesurfers to complete a one-mile course.

Before the event, Sir Richard Branson stated: “I'm passionate about kitesurfing and I think this is going to be a fantastic and fun event in support of some great causes, certainly the first of its kind and incredibly positive for the sport.”

Now that this event was a real success, we are curious to see what the millionaire will come up next when it comes to kiteboarding.