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Nick Jacobsen Jumps Off a Crane, Again

Earlier this year Danish kiteboarding champion Nick Jacobsen performed an amazing stunt in South Africa. The news is that he did it once again a couple of days ago.

Back in March we reported that Nick Jacobsen climbed to the top of a 10 m or 32.8 feet high crane that was on top of a shipwreck located in Table View, Cape Town. After putting his board on, Nick jumped off the crane, looped a few times, and landed safely on the water.

Earlier this December, Nick did the same stunt a second time. He once again climbed to the top of the crane and jumped off. The fun thing is that this time Nick took a break once he got to the top and had himself a sandwich.

There are two thumbnails in the related videos section below. Click the one to the left to view Nick’s crane jump from earlier this year. Click the one to the right to see Nick’s jump from earlier this month.