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Nick Jacobsen Jumps over Breakwater

At first glance, it looks easy and doable. Kevin Langeree, Ruben Lenten, and Olly Bridge have already landed similar and bigger jumps.

But there are a few variables that make this one harder to perform, including a couple of months of confinement, wind speed and direction, a bonus trick, and the landing's condition.

The 32-year-old daredevil chose a popular Danish kitesurfing spot - Lynaes - to check if his stuntman skills are still up-to-date.

"Precision is key when you mess around with urban objects. I had a few close calls before sticking this one," said Jacobsen.

Have you noticed how he added a short, yet colorful handrail grind at the end of the leap, and how he landed the move in around three inches of water?

Right - it's not something a human can do.