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Nick Jacobsen Makes Me Doubt His Sanity, Laugh Like Mad

If the first time you saw Nick Jacobsen kitejump off a 10m (about 33feet) high crane in Cape Town you thought to yourself “man, that dude is crazy”, and if the second time he jumped off the same crane (but this time he took a break and had lunch on top of the crane) you once again thought to yourself “man, that dude is crazy”, then I have some news that will get you to say those same words a third time.

A video that presents Brunotti’s Pro X 2012 board has been released to the web by Lupah Films. In the video we get to see Nick test the board and pull some awesome moves – that’s the serious part. The mad part is that you get to see Nick dressed in a short pink skirt and a miniscule pink top, on a swingset, making all sorts of funny faces. You also get to see Nick riding a skateboard in his pink outfit – with an extinguisher in his crotch.

Trust me, you will want to watch this video. It had me laughing like a mad man, and for that I would like to thank Nick. He’s an exceptional rider and after this video, I would have to say an exceptional entertainer as well.

There are three thumbnails in the related videos section below. From left to right, they present the following: Nick’s first crane jump in South Africa, Nick’s second jump, and Nick in his pink outfit.

Disclaimer: I don’t actually think that Nick is crazy; he’s just insanely entertaining.