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No Left Turn Starring Airton Cozzolino

Hailing from Sal, Cape Verde, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean constantly battered by the Trade Winds, constantly battered by the Trade Winds, Airton Cozzolino steppend into the world of surfing since an early age. Surfing became part of his life, but everything changed and a whole new world opened for him when he was introduced to kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing became his true passion and Airton started exploring new horizons, training hard each season and competing in world class events. His training and determination paid off, as Airton claimed the Wave Riding World Championship title back in 2011. His quest for kitesurfing perfection continues today.

And you can check out Airton in action in the ‘No left Turn’ clip below, presented by Maui Mini Movie. It follows Airton as he travels to Maui for the 2013 Kite Surf Pro. Staged at the world renowned Ho'okipa Beach Park, Airton explodes onto the scene with his powerful surf style. And he recounts his experience with the contest and the hard realities.

Enjoy the carves, the hacks and the explosive off the tops Airton performs in this action packed movie!