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Nobile Intros the 2019 Cosmic Collection

Nobile is unique, as it combines practice and experience with the unrivalled know-how of our experts, in terms of hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, mechanics and material engineering. This combination of experience and technology has resulted in the latest 2019 product collection, which we proudly present to you here.

Cosmic Line by Saatch&Saatchi. What intrigues us in the eighties is a surprising decorativeness and gaudily drawn colour palettes getting out of control. Both special effects and design of the eighties are full of fascination for garishness, contrasts, silver, metal and neon lights. At that time the whole contemporary word was fascinated with outer space, star travelling and discovering new galaxies. This trend has inspired us for creative and emotional designer’s journey towards freedom and adventure. After all, each first rise above waves is like a cosmic flight.