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North Introduces the New 2012 Fuse Kite

Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer North has recently released a video that presents the new high performance 2012 Fuse kite. In the video pro rider and kitesurfing legend Sky Solbach has the following to say:

“The Fuse has a lot of potential in a huge range of use which makes it not only good for waveriding but also for racing, jumping, cruising, and just having fun. The design aim for the new Fuse was to optimize it even more towards freeriding waves. We increased the depower and smoothed out and sped up the turning through the new wider, adaptive tip.[…] I like the Fuse because it’s got huge depower for surfing, great low end for racing, which are both perfect for me as a heavier rider.”

To watch the video released by North Kiteboarding, the video that presents the new Fuse 2012 kite, you need only click the thumbnail in the related videos section below. Enjoy!

For additional information on the Fuse kite visit the official North product description webpage here or check out the North Fuse 2012 Review on Epikoo.