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North Intros the 2013 Vegas

Get ready to experience the ultimate wakestyle and freestyle thrill with the new 2013 Vegas. The Vegas has always been the weapon of choice for many elite riders and the 2013 version is definitely ready to offer them improved performance. The Vegas is highly tunable. With the freestyle setting it offers more depower, more lift, precision kiteloops and reactive steering and with the wakestyle setting if provides more pop when unhooked, a longer "power delay" and it is a bit more reactive to allow the rider concentrate on the rails and kickers.

Some of the features of the new Vegas include: improved low-end range, more rigid tip to the kite, responsive and direct bar feel, wider wingtips, improved steering performance and more.

But enough talk. Get an insight view into the development and check out the new features of the kite in the clip below. Tom Hebert, Mario Rodwald, Tom Court and Thomas Paris are the lucky ones who took out the 2013 North Vegas for a test drive.