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North Presents the 2016 Rebel

The much anticipated 2016 Rebel from North Kiteboarding is here. And this new Rebel model does not disappoint, especially if you are looking for high performance big air and freeride action. It is a machine designed for huge jumps and massive hangtime.

The smaller sizes in the range now feature a lower aspect ratio, which makes them smoother in gusty winds whilst also improving the turning speed of the kite. The middle sizes in the range offer the perfect blend between turning speed, handling and jumping ability, and the larger kites now have a higher aspect ratio, which offers higher jumps, longer hangtime and better power delivery with a smooth bar feel.

Some of the features of the new Rebel include:
- Huge wind range
- Refined sheet and go power development
- Improved upwind performance
- Easier relaunch
- Loaded 5th line

Each size of the Rebel has been designed to offer the ultimate in freeride and jumping performance regardless of the wind conditions. You can check out the kite in action in the promo clip below.