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North Presents the New 2015 Evo

The guys at North Kiteboarding are proud to present the new 2015 Evo. And it’s one of the best all-round freeride kites today, with an incredible boost potential. The Evo is the kite of choice for Tom Hebert, who used it this season to perform the biggest jump of the entire competition at the Red Bull King of the Air.

The new Evo has some impressive features:
- Modification on 11-14m for better bar feel
- Fine tuning of all sizes
- Great hangtime and power fullift
- Instant sheet and go power
- Excellent upwind performance

As the guys at North say, the Evo is the unsung hero of their kite range. It’s perfect for freeride, but also for freestyle and wave riding. It is a kite that can accommodate all riders and gives them the opportunity to explore new horizons.