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O’Neil Kiteboard World Cup 2012 Day 4: More Racing Action

The action on the fourth day of the O’Neil Kiteboard World Cup kicked off after 10:45AM. You see, the riders were greeted by light wind as they arrived early on the beach – and so they had to wait until 10:45 for the conditions to improve. As race number 2 got underway (race 1 was completed on day 3; it was the only race of the day) the wind blew at 14 knots.

Riccardo Leccese, who came in 2nd during race 1 on day 3, got off to a rough start as race 2 got underway. But he used his skills to battle the unpredictable light wind and incredibly strong current and pushed hard to take the lead. He crossed the finish line first and won the race. As he came off the water, he had a big smile on his face.

   Pic: Riccardo Leccesse.

Second to cross the finish line was Rolf Van Der Vlugt, and third was Julien Kerneur.

   Pic: Rolf Van Der Vlugt and Julien Kerneur.

Adam Koch, who came in first during race 1, had some problems during race 2 – his kite went down and after that it was a struggle to make it back in the race.

In the women’s division, the one to finish the race in first place was Nuria Goma. Jessica Sickinger came in second and Katja Roose came in third. Getting back to Nuria, it must be mentioned that her first place finish is her best PKRA result so far this season.

As race 3 got underway, the wind blew at 12 to 17 knots, which was an improvement. The PKRA riders could switch from their biggest kites down to their 12-13meter ones. As the horn sounded, Bryan Lake took an early lead and maintained it for the duration of the race; he crossed the finish line first. Adam Koch came in second, Rolf Van Der Vlugt third, and Riccardo Leccese fourth. Must be mentioned here that Rolf Van Der Vlugt was later disqualified.

   Pic: Adam Koch.

In the women’s division, the one to finish first was Katja Roose. Second to cross the finish line was Nuria Goma and Jessica Sickinger was third.

Race 4 was the final race of the day and it was a challenging race as the wind speed dropped. In the final moments of the race it was a close battle between Rolf Van Der Vlugt and Brian Lake. The US rider came out on top and finished the race in first place. Rolf Van Der Vlugt was second, obviously, and Olivier Dansin was third.

   Pic: Olivier Dansin.

Once again, the one to win the race in the women’s division was Katja Roose.

The official results released by the PKRA after day 4 are presented below. Please note that these results are provisional. That’s because Bryan Lake suffered a crash during race 2 with Rolf Van Der Vlugt; he contested it and the results are still pending.

As usual, the PKRA streamed the competition live. The footage that was streamed live is available in the related videos section below.