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Ocean Rodeo Intros the 2020 Kite Collection

Ocean Rodeo continues to lead the pack in the light kite revolution and, with our formal introduction of The Aluula Project this year, we mark just the latest exciting step that follows 20 years of improving the performance and durability of our kite designs, while simultaneously reducing their weight.

This year’s range of Ocean Rodeo Classic Kites are built using top quality material blends from Teijin and Challenger to deliver the best possible performance levels. Aluula technology has also fed into this range, as we employ cutting-edge techniques that we’ve learned through our use of this new ground-breaking material that features in our incoming BLACK kite range.

For this season, the Flite and Roam use a lighter blend of materials to achieve outstanding light wind and drift performance levels, while the new Prodigy, Razor and the all-new Crave feature our toughest fabrics, still designed light and strong, and with enough reinforcements to take maximum abuse.