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Ocean Rodeo Intros the Aluula Project

Ushering in a brand new era in inflatable kite design and performance, Ocean Rodeo is proud to be partnering with Aluula, a Canadian-based composites company that has developed a revolutionary new array of ultra light, ultra strong composite materials and innovative new manufacturing techniques.

For several years now, Ocean Rodeo has worked closely with Aluula to test and refine several of their composites, specifically for use in kiteboarding. The resulting collaboration has delivered radical reductions in kite weight, while at the same time increasing air frame flex response and durability.

The Aluula BLACK material features a graphene-enhanced composite that weighs just 68gsm (grams per square meter). To compare, traditional Dacron comes in at around 150gsm. UV stable and virtually unrippable.

The Ocean Rodeo BLACK series, demo kites available from fall 2019.