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Ocean Rodeo Intros the HL Series

20% Lighter than our 2020 Dacron-Series kites, the new HL-Series kites are the second lightest inflatable kites in the world, second only to Ocean Rodeo’s A-Series kite range!

Strategically placed ALUULA composite materials are blended with Dacron to create a new hybrid construction class that delivers decreased weight with improved airframe response.

ALUULA fabric has been inserted into key overlays and reinforcement panels, while the struts have a full ALUULA panel running from the leading edge to the strut tips. This ALUULA strip is strategically placed to tighten up the airframe flex, providing faster turning and improved stability.

A quick word from the guys at OR: “With the HL-Series, we didn’t just stop with the introduction of ALUULA... Every single seam and component was reviewed and improved. If any weight savings could be found, we addressed them with new parts and processes, while at the same time maintaining our 20-year legacy of producing “Built Tough” kites that are designed to be ridden hard.”