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Ocean Rodeo Presents the 5th Gen Razor

If you are looking for explosive freestyle performance, the all new, completely re-designed Razor from Ocean Rodeo answers all your needs. The 5th gen Razor is a beast of a kite, delivering precise handling and explosive power unrivaled by any other kite.

The Razor’s new design allows for massive pop and travel when unhooked and extreme vertical boost. The new Bridle Lock gives riders the right to choose locked out, old school intimidation or a free flowing, dynamic sheeting range. With locked out bridles, the Razor delivers a full C feel, lower aspect for more grunt through the loop and deeper coning for more pull and pop.

A quick word from the designers: “The all new Razor is a radical departure from the norm; a synthesis of a decade and a half of constant improvement; a commitment to performance and a tribute to our roots.”