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Old School Sessions with Tanja Warmuth

Tanja Warmuth is passionate about watersports and travels the world in search for wind and flat water. As she says, she is blessed to be able to practise the most freeing boardsports at the most beautiful places on earth. She is a talented wakeboarder, kiteboarder, kiteskater and wakeskater. Her life is like a journey around the world, going for the best places, forgetting all pressures and liabilities at home.

And her latest trip to Barra Nova, Brazil proves that. It showcases her old school kiting skills, which are pretty good. It’s great to see old school kiteboarding revived, as it tends to get forgotten on the modern kiting scene.

A quick word from Tanja: “Some people asked me why I wanted to do a kite video filled with Oldschool moves, as I am normally more into unhooked riding and coming from a background of cable wakeboarding. Well, I'm totally into all kinds of kiting styles but during the last years it seemed to me like the world of hooked kiting is starting to be forgotten. So here is a small excursion back into the theme of some Oldschool riding. Enjoy the video about my trip to Barra Nova, Brazil during November 2014.”