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One Minute with Alex Pastor

Alex Pastor needs no introduction. Hailing from Spain, he is one of the most progressive and talented kiteboarders today. He started practicing kiteboarding back in 2003 together with his brother and discovered that kiteboarding was his true passion.

He soon joined the PKRA, but his debut on the Pro Kite Tour was not exceptional. However, Alex did not give up and continued to train and compete. Since then Alex has been in a constant progression. He has become the Vice world champion in 2010 and he is fighting to take the world title this year. And he has a good chance of doing that, since he is currently ranked number one of the PKRA freestyle charts.

If you want to know how Alex is training for the next world class challenge, take a look at the clip below. It is just a minute and a half long, but it is packed with action and reveals what it takes to become the next PKRA champ. It is shot in Tarifa.

Enjoy One Minute with Alex Pastor!