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Ozone Is Almost Done with the REO Kite

We here at Epikoo are very excited about the upcoming Ozone-manufactured, waveriding specialist, REO kite. We’re especially excited since Ozone announced that it’s just about done working on the kite. Here’s the story so far.

Back in March, Ozone announced that REO, a kite designed especially for waveriding, would be released later in the year. The equipment manufacturer explained at the time that it focused on the following with the REO kite: it must be easy to handle and must be responsive to the rider’s input, it must float down the line, it must have massive depower, it must be easy to relaunch, and must have tons of power.

“We wanted to make a kite that was versatile in all aspects of wave riding…so if you wanna park & surf or loop it down the line, hooked or unhooked, the REO is designed to deliver in all these circumstances,” said Ozone back in March.

This May, Ozone announced that it officially finished trimming and tuning the REO kite and that it sent a Nathan Ducker and Darren Marshall to Western Australia to give the final prototypes a nice going over. After putting the REO to the test for about a week in Gnaraloo, the two agreed that the REO is amazing. The feedback Ozone got from Nathan and Darren proved that all the time invested in the REO (more than a year of designing and testing) was not a waste of time. It also proved that Ozone reached the goal it set for itself with the REO (all the “it must” bits I mentioned above).

The most difficult part of the job is done. All that’s left is for Ozone to pick some cool graphics for the kite, and pick the bag and all the other bits and pieces that will come with the kite. Can hardly wait!

When the REO will be released to the public, it will be available in these sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12m.