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Ozone Team Gets Inspired in New Zealand

The guys at Ozone invited the 2013 Course Racing World Champion Florian Gruber and No.1 IKA rank Riccardo Lecesse to their headquarters in Raglan, New Zealand just a few weeks ago. They were invited to try the new Chrono and Edge kites.

These two kites have performance written all over them. The Chrono is a light wind expert and the Edge packs a nice punch. Well, Florian and Riccardo put them to work. They chased the wind along New Zealand’s superb coast, showcasing their skills and the kites’ potential.

At times, they were sailing across the water, planing faster than the wind. They also scored fun freeride sessions boosting huge on the Edge! It was a trip of a lifetime, as the guys at Ozone say: “Sit back and enjoy watching these guys froth on being out there in the water day by day, enjoying kiteboarding as much as possible no matter the wind or weather conditions. We hope you can share the same stoke out on the water… anytime… anywhere.”