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Pack Your Gear the Julien Fillion Way

Julien Fillion, pro rider, Liquid Force designer, and all-round waterman, is on the road the bigger part of the year – more than 250 days a year as a matter of fact. He knows a thing or two about how to properly pack kiteboarding gear and he is willing to share his knowledge with the rest of the world.

Here are Julien Fillion’s tips to packing your kite like a pro:

Travel bag – get a bag that is at least 145cm long, has a good zipper, and can fit at least 3 kites, 1 board, 1 harness, boots and straps. Do not cheap out here! Spend as much as it takes to get a top quality bag – a large one.

The roll technique – by using this technique you can fit more kites in your bag. The technique goes like this:

  • After laying your kite out flat make sure the deflate valves are open.
  • From the leading edge towards the center, start rolling the kite neatly, but not too tight. Start rolling the kite from the other end as well. You will have to neat rolls by the time you’re done.

Know where everything goes – the board at the bottom of the bag (remove the straps or pads if necessary), the kites arranged lengthwise on top of the board (largest kite in the center), the control bars arranged evenly throughout the bag, the harness must be placed upright at the wheel end of the bag with the harness forming a protective shell, and then place the straps or boots in the shell of the harness. You won’t need the pump if you’re going someplace where pumps are readily available.

Zipping – if possible, get someone to help you zip the bag up. Take your time to zip the bag slowly; breaking the zipper because you’re rushing things won’t do you any good. Stop and start from the other end if the zipper is under too much pressure. Reposition a few bars if needed; push the kite away from the zipper if it’s getting in the way. Make sure you do not zip your canopy.

So there you have it, are Julien Fillion’s tips on how to pack your gear smartly and tidily.