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Paradigm Lost Starring Kai Lenny

For every generation, there are a few rare watermen who redefine the spectrum of ocean sports. Guys like Duke Kahanamoku, Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater—the ones whose impacts on our sports shape the course of their culture and performance.

For the millennial generation, that athlete is Kai Lenny.

The new film by Red Bull profiling Lenny and an all-star cast of surfers, windsurfers, foilboarders, kiteboarders and paddlers is a game-changer. The rapid-fire barrage of mind-blowing clips featuring the highest level of performance in all these disciplines inspires too much awe to process with one viewing. The talent it displays in so many sports seems supernatural. And the overall takeaway—an evolved view of multi-discipline athletes, a cross-pollination of ocean sports and a melding of their cultures, along with some of the craziest foiling footage we’ve ever seen—represents a great movement on the water.

Evolution. Progress. Paradigms lost and paradigms found. And a whole new spectrum on the horizon.

The full movie is available on Red Bull TV and you can also take a peek at the trailer below.