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Paul Serin Enjoys the Naish Ride Kite

Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Naish has recently rolled out a video entitled "The Ride: The Next Level of Fun" that stars 2011 French Junior Champion Paul Serin and the new, two-strut, entry level Naish Ride kite designed by Damien Girardin. The video is simply amazing and I wholeheartedly invite you to check it out. You can view it right here on Epikoo by clicking the first image in the related videos section below.

The Ride is an entry level kite meant to offer ease of use, simplicity and value to those interested in getting started with kitesurfing. It features rounded wing tips for easy water relaunch, it has an excellent “sheet in and go” feel, it has great low end performance, it is quite stable and very forgiving. The Ride is available in 5 sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12m.

"The Ride was derived from the base origins of the Park, but with more focus on a 'sheet in and go' feel and water relaunch ease,” explained Naish Kite Designer Damien Girardin. “Our R&D team set out to create a kite that was simple, easy and fun for 'all around, hooked-in freeriding'; and a kite that a novice or entry level rider could use for learning the basics and improving into an advanced rider.”

There are two more videos listed below besides the one that features Paul Serin. The first is a general presentation of the Ride kite, the second focuses on the design process for the Ride kite.