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Peter Lynn Introduces the 2012 Phantom Twinskin Kite

Kitesports equipment manufacturer Peter Lynn has recently introduced a new kite meant to be used by the demanding land boarder, buggykiter, snowkiter and kitesurfer who wants a top performance, high end, high aspect ratio. The new kite in question is the 2012 Phantom Twinskin, the latest reincarnation of the original Phantom.

The original phantom was a kite that can be called legendary – the 2012 Phantom Twinskin walks in the footsteps of a legend and takes the original kite’s characteristics to the next level. All the bits and pieces that made people call the orginal Phantom a unique kite, all the elements that made people love the original Phantom kite, the 2012 Phantom Twinskin has them – and it adds to them all the innovations the Peter Lynn Twinskin range has undergone in the past decade.

So what you end up with is a kite that has a high aspect ratio, sleek design, and is a stable platform for all forms of kiting. You end up with a kite that adds a contemporary feel and the latest performance enhancements to a platform known for its extreme amount of lift, long hang time, high flying speed, and exceptional stability.

“Whether you are looking to bust huge moves on a land/snow board or ride comfortably along endless beaches and deserted flatlands in your buggy, the Phantom will provide you with a stable and reliable platform allowing you to go bigger, faster and further than ever before,” said Peter Lynn in the introduction of the 2012 Phantom Twinskin.

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