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The PKRA Arrives in Noumea, New Caledonia

Shortly after a successful stop in Haikou, Hainan Island, China, the best riders from all over the world arrived today for the REEF Kitesurf Pro here in Noumea, New Caledonia. With the welcome sight of lush palms, white sand beaches, and a generally exotic feel, competitors welcomed this familiar tour stop with expectations of an amazing week ahead.

While many riders did arrive as planned and on time, others were unlucky enough to miss connecting flights throughout parts of Asia, and the difficulties of traveling as a professional athlete with loads of excess baggage proved itself a hurdle for many to overcome on the way here. As a result, a number of riders were delayed in their attempts to reach their destination; however, this will only create an extended period for registration, and will not affect any other portion of the scheduled competition.

Those that did arrive to Noumea on time did so with a bit of jetlag and plane exhaustion, yet the site of luxurious accommodations, warm tropical air, and a chill island vibe did much to inspire renewed energy and good moods. Located in the South Pacific, New Caledonia stands as an overseas territory of France, which is located between Fiji and Australia in the Coral Sea. As the fourth consecutive year the PKRA has returned to this location, many riders consider it their favorite spot, where strong winds and ideal conditions always make for an incredible competition.

This year in New Caledonia will prove to be especially outstanding, as the 2012 World Champion will be decided here in just a matter of days, and the race for the top has never been so close. The top men and women remain in hot pursuit of the world title, and it is up to this event to provide a winner.

For tomorrow, the forecast looks light with some expected rain showers; however, the conditions look to be strong later in the week and into the weekend. Emotions are running high and tensions are even higher in this final stop of the year, as every competitor and PKRA fan begs the question – who will be champion in 2012?