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PKRA France 2011 Comes to an End

The Mondial Du Vent 2011 event (PKRA France for short) has come to an end yesterday, the 28th of April. It was a beautiful last day, with the sun shining throughout the day; there was a slight interruption at about 2PM when it rained a bit. But that didn’t spoil the day nor the award ceremony.

Speaking of the award ceremony, the following riders climbed onto the men’s podium:
1. Youri Zoon (who was grinning ear to ear while standing on the podium)
2. Alex Pastor
3. Luis Alberto Cruz

On the women’s freestyle podium, the following three rides stood proud:
1. Gisela Pulido
2. Karolina Winkowska
3. Bruna Kajiya

Erik Troostheide, PKRA Race Director, said in a speech that PKRA France 2011 was a spectacular and successful event.