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Prepare for Red Bull King of the Air

The Red Bull King of the Air first took place at Hookipa Beach, Maui in 1999. The contest was amazing, but has left the stage of kiteboarding world for seven years.  It will be back in full throttle in February 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. This challenge is simple, but daring: the participants have to perform extreme big airs and stunning tricks on the windiest day of the first two weeks of February 2013.Whoever performs the most daring trick wins.

There will be 16 riders invited to take part in the Red Bull King of the Air, along with 8 wildcards. The contest runs in a "flag-out" format featuring a single-elimination round. Every rider will be related to a colored flag. As he or she gets flagged-out, his or hers flag will be taken down on the beach.

The Red Bull King of the Air features top judges. Jim Gaunt, Susi Mai and Greg Thijsse will decide which of the participants remain in the contest or leave it, based on their tricks.