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Presenting The Freeride Project

There is a custom in journalism that says a story should provide answers to six questions: What? Who? Where? When? How? and Why? So applying that to The Freeride Project, I will try to provide a quick and to the point answer to all of them.

The Freeride Project is the result of an idea the UK Crew had at the start of 2011. The project puts the spotlight on four riders who travel the world, riding at some of the best spots and having fun at wakestyle events. Their adventures are presented to you as a close to 28 minutes long video.

The UK Crew is made up of the following riders: Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Sam Light, and James Boulding.

The footage was shot in Australia, the Dominican Republic, Hood River, Fuerteventura, and the Philippines. There’s also a bit from the CWC cable park during the WONW kite/cable event that took place at the end of 2011.

Through determination, hard work, and close collaboration between the four riders, this independent production was brought to you, the viewer.

The UK Crew wanted to showcase how they want kiteboarding to look and be represented. From the project’s description: “this is a no-mess, un-brand motivated representation of what we want kiteboarding to be and what it means to use as we travel to some of the best spots and biggest wakestyle events through the year, to just have fun and ride.”

You can view The Freeride Project official movie, which is almost 28 minutes long, by clicking the image in the related videos section below. Enjoy!