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REFV Erroneusly Voted for Kiteboarding

Earlier this May the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) put the matter to the vote and it was voted 19 to 17 that kiteboarding will replace windsurfing as the board event in the 2016 Olympic Games that will take place in Rio de Janeiro. It seems that the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation (RFEV for short) erroneously voted in favor of kiteboarding at the ISAF mid-year meeting that took place in Italy.

RFEV President Gerardo Pombo (pictured below) was supposed to be at the meeting to vote on behalf of the federation he leads. But he wasn’t – Gerardo Seeliger was there instead and he erroneously voted against windsurfing and in favor of kiteboarding.

The Royal Spanish Sailing Federation issued an official apology and reassured the community that it has always supported the evolution of windsurfing and will continue to lobby for its inclusion in the Olympic Games. Gerardo Seeliger’s mistake is attributed to the confusion of the voting system. Gerardo Pombo also formally apologized for the incident.

As mentioned above, there were 19 votes in favor and 17 votes against kiteboarding. Had this accident not occurred, there would have been a tie.

There will be another ISAF meeting in November and that’s windsurfing’s last hope of being reintroduced in the 2016 Olympic Games. A campaign to collect signatures so the RS:X class regains its Olympic status has been launched online (see here). The RFEV supports it and invites all windsurfing fans to sign it.