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Riding the Doc in South Africa with Lee 'Pasty' Harvey

British rider Lee 'Pasty' Harvey is an icon of modern kitesurfing. Born in the darkest depths of Cornwall, into a fishing family, Lee first discovered the world of water sports at the age of when he discovered sailing. He was a great sailor and won several important titles. Afterwards he became a dinghy and windsurf instructor. In 1999 he discovered kitesurfing and was instantly hooked on this extreme sport.

He started training and his talent and determination paid off. He became one of the most prestigious wave riders on the pro scene pretty soon and claimed many important titles in prestigious competitions. In 2013 alone, Lee became the British Kitesurfing Wave Champion and the British Kitesurfing Race Vice Champion. Lee is also a very skilled kitesurfing instructor and the founder of BKSA KiteSurfing School & Watersports Centre Pasty Adventures.

When Lee is not competing or coaching, he searches for challenging waves to kitesurf. His latest trip took him all the way to Cape Town, South Africa, where he found the perfect playground to unleash his skills. And you can check out Lee in action as he rides the Doctor in the dynamic video below.