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Rimas Kinka Prepares for the Next World Record

Lithuanian kiteboarder Rimas Kinka is renowned for setting the Guiness world record for the longest distance kitesurfing ride in 24 hours. Back in February 2012, Rimas kitesurfed 645.6 km (401.2 miles) in 24 hours on the coast of Islamorada, Florida, USA. Kinka was also the previous holder for this category and he broke his own record.

Rimas is one of the most determined and skilled riders today and kiteboarding and the ocean are part of his life. And the Lithuanian has great plans for the future. Plans that will benefit the oceans of the Earth. He will try to set a new Guinness World Record of kiting over a distance of 450 nautical miles to raise awareness about ocean plastic pollution.

His message is simple and from the heart: “Pure Ocean No Plastic It’s Fantastic. Dear Friend, This is my goal for next Guinness World Records. I ask you to support and share my goal between your friends.”
You can check out the teaser for Rimas’ upcoming Guinness World Record attempt in the related videos section below and you can also give him a like on his Facebook page and support his project.