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Rob Douglas Claims the 2014 National French Kitesurfing Speed Championships Title

The National French Kitesurfing Speed Championships gathered the fastest riders on earth at La Franqui over the last days. The French waters were turned into a stage for an action packed speed sailing competition for the 2014 National French Kitesurfing Speed Championships.

Rob Douglas proved to be the fastest rider. He won three out of four races and hit the fastest speed mark of the event. The founder of the North American Speed Sailing Project reached an average speed of 42.5 knots over the 500-meter speedway. He reached the maximum speed of 47.8 knots at Les Coussoules Beach, powered by wind speeds ranging between 15 and 30 knots. Rob used a Cabrinha Velocity prototype to achieve this performance.

Rob is the fastest kiteboarder in America and he is undefeated in speed kiteboarding events since October 2011, but he still faces one challenge: the world kiteboarding speed record has been set by Alex Caizergues at 56.62 knots and Rob will surely aim to break it.