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Ross Williams in Charge of Tabou and Gaastra UK

We have some good news to report about British rider Ross Williams, one of the most successful sailors on the PWA World Tour, sailor who competes in formula, slalom, as well as waveriding events. The news is that Ross will head Tabou and Gaastra in the UK.

Ross Williams will be in charge of the Tabou and Gaastra brands in the UK. He becomes UK agent for Tabou Windsurfing and SUP and for Gaastra Windsurfing and Kiteboarding. Thanks to the vast knowledge Ross has under his belt, he will be an ideal ambassador for the aforementioned brands.

It must be mentioned here that Ross has been involved with Tabou and Gaastra for some time now. He had a word to say in the development of both brands. This means that besides using Tabou and Gaastra gear, he’s also involved in influencing the development of Tabou and Gaastra gear.