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RRD K-Race 70 LTD: New Action Video Is Out

Italian kitesurfing and windsurfing equipment manufacturer RRD has some good news for all the racing enthusiasts out there: a new action video for the latest RRD kite racing weapon, the K-Race 70 LTD board, has been released to the masses. You can view it right here on Epikoo by clicking the image in the related videos section below (the image on the left).

In order to maximize performance, the RRD K-Race 70 LTD board features the following:

  • Thick rails to improve lift on the fin.
  • Extreme tucked under edge on the front and mid section of the board to reduce friction over the chops and create an easier to ride shape.
  • A deep double concave on the middle – tail section to allow a higher pressure with your feet on the board when using a central strap to go downwind.

The RRD K-Race 70 LTD board is ideally matched with RRD’s new kite racing engine, the Addiction MKIII kite. RRD recently released a video that presents the Addiction MKIII kite, a kite that features a simple 5 strut design, has a high aspect ratio outline, remains stable even in gusty conditions, and delivers the best average speed. You can view the video that presents the Addiction MKIII kite by clicking the image to the right in the related videos section below.

To develop these kite racing weapons, the K-Race 70 LTD board and the Addiction MKIII kite, RRD worked closely with French pro rider Julien Kerneur and aimed for a simple goal: to come up with an unbeatable combination of speed and control. And speaking about Julien, he got his new toys from RRD (the abovementioned K-Race 70 LTD, the Addiction MKIII kite, and a Super SUP board) and off he went to Fuerteventura to train.