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Ruben Lenten - Megaloop 720 Wipeout

Ruben Lenten is one of the most progressive and radical kiteboarders ever and has a clear mission: to push and promote the sport to the general public and live the most thrilling experiences. As he says, among his promotion methods are shooting more visual content, working closely with sponsors to develop products which allow him to go faster, higher, further, bigger and more extreme.

And that is why Ruben is always in search of the extraordinary. He pioneered the Megaloop, an air trick with maximum power, and gives the rider a rush of adrenaline so intense it has become his signature move.
But sometimes things go wrong even for an elite rider like Ruben. A few days ago, while performing an extreme Megaloop 720 move, Ruben experienced a harsh whipeout that he will not forget soon. Fortunately, he was not injured and no intervention was needed.

In his words: “Definitely one of my hardest wipeouts ever... riding hard and flying high comes with its own fair share of risk!”