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Salt & Speed with Alex and Rob

Alex Caizergues and Rob Douglas are known as two of the most reputable speed warriors in the world of water sports. Alex Caizergues is one of the most titled kiteboarders in the world with 3 World Champion titles, 2 French Champion titles, 2 kite world records and 2 outright world records. He is the first rider who broke the 100 km/h barrier in the world of kiteboarding in 2010 in Lüderitz, Namibia.

Rob Douglas is the American professional sailor who also lives for speed. Back in 208 he broke the world speed sailing record on a kiteboard, reaching a top speed of 49.84 knots. Later, in 2010, he rode with 55.65 knots, striking a new speed record.

During the month of November, the two riders went to France, to do their best to set new records. They virtually live to set new records and defy the laws of physics. Their adventure was documented in a thrilling movie entitled ‘Salt & Speed’. Until the premiere of this awesome movie, you can check out the teaser in the related videos section below.